AERIS 3DEE - Swopper Schwarz | Gestell Schwarz | Polyester | High
Aeris – Impulsmöbel
Adjustable seat height
Professional office
AERIS 3DEE - Swopper Schwarz | Gestell Schwarz | Polyester | High
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Product available after 2020-11-16
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Not only ergonomic, but dynamic in all three dimensions

The Active Office Chair 3Dee is the first ergonomic office chair of its kind and the result of absolute consistency, in engineering as well as in design. Its 3D movement, horizontally and vertically, is based uncompromisingly on the natural human biomechanics. Thus the 3Dee already meets the vision of a sustainable change in our office life: with more well-being, more energy and inner balance. Its perfect design will address especially those, whose Office is not only for work, but also a space for creativity and living.

The ergonomic revolution
Conventional seating concepts haven’t been very successful in altering the lack of movement in the Office. On the contrary, muscle loss and incorrect sitting postures have been promoted. We call this seat trap because sedentary activities often lead to such symptoms.
The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the Office Chair follows the movements of the body and not the other way around.

The most innovative Office Chair in the world
Activated: Because the 3Dee Active-Office-Chair follows the movement of its sitter, so your back stays straight. In addition, frequent change of posture strengthens your back and keeps your muscles fit.
Motivated: The patented 3D Technology supports and encourages active seating. Your circulation is stimulated. You are more alert, concentrating better and have optimal performance.
Relaxed: The backrest with patented lamellar technology and physiologically molded backrest cushioning provides support without restricting freedom of movement. Lumbar support and backrest tension can be individually adjusted.
Unrestricted: The intelligent seat is slightly convex, upholstered with breathable multi-zone integral foam and equipped with flexzone technology.

  • Active seating

Assembly instructions

This item is supplied unassembled.
For assembly by the customer in just a few simple steps.
Of course, for gas springs, chair castors, footrests, etc., no construction is required.

Castors information

The multifunction wheels supplied with this chair are suitable for both carpet and hard floors. Please note that it is not possible to exchange the castors prior to shipment for logistical reasons (unless otherwise stated in the product description). In addition, we recommend for hard floors, the use of a protective floor mat.

Manufacturer Aeris – Impulsmöbel
Colour Black
Castors information 10 mm x 50 mm Multifunctional castors (included)
Seat height 52 - 66 cm
Seat width 46 cm
Seat depth 41 cm
Backrest height 43 cm
Capacity to 110 kg
Body height range 170 - 210 cm
Weight 20.0 kg
Guarantee 3 years
Dimensions (H x W x D) 107.0 x 46.0 x 46.0 cm
Daily use 8 hours