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Our popular gaming chairs are not only admired in the eSports scene. The passionate player is attracted to the robust materials, high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. The most important requirement, besides the unusual design of a gaming chair: is its uncompromising comfort. Other requirements that distinguish our gaming chairs, are trendy and modern design, and the versatile adjustment possibilities with which the chair can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

GAMEBREAKER SX 03 - Modern gaming chair in trendy design

In addition to the right hardware for computers, the correct gaming chair is a key component for every gamer! This modern gaming chair is cut like a sports seat from the automotive sector. It offers great lateral support due to the strongly pronounced side bolsters, the high backrest can be individually adjusted. You can quickly find the right setting to be able to sit fatigue-free and fully focused over an extended period. But the main feature is the backrest. The rear of the backrest, special designed plastic elements have been incorporated to underscore the unmistakable design of this extraordinary gaming chair. It almost seems like a kind of shield that strengthens your back in heated battles! The chair includes an additional cushion that can be used to support the lumbar vertebra. More Information

Armrest information Armrests included
Castors information 11mm x 65mm castors for carpet floors included
Capacity to 120 kg
Body height range 150 - 190 cm

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