The Swopper Classic, Swopper Work, Muvman and Swoppster motion chairs. Dynamic sitting strengthens the back muscles, alleviating back pain and preventing future back problems. As an authorised Swopper Partner, we offer the complete Swopper assortment in all colours and combinations. For more information, please follow the link below:
Foot ring with gliders
Gliders: Metal gliders (for textile-covered floors like felt and carpet) and with felt gliders (for hard floors like stone, tiles and parquet).
Foot ring with castors
Castors for hard floors (stone, tile or parquet) + low pile textile floors (carpet, felt, or similar).
Foot ring Anthracite/Titanium
Aluminum die casting in anthracite or titanium (extra charge)
Swopper cover Tempur Standard / TEMPUR / AIR
  • Standard cushioning, comfortable thick cushioning
  • TEMPUR: Thermo-elastic special foam. TEMPUR supports anatomically, preventing pressure pain and aids better circulation (extra charge)
  • Hi-Tec AIR: Soft sitting comfort with 5 functional layers
Seat Cover
  • Softex cover: Easy to clean cotton/synthetic mixed fabric. Optimum for environments with high requirements regarding dirt, humidity and wear and tear. (80 % Cotton, 20 % Polyurethane.)
  • Microfibre cover: Highest quality. Branded microfibre with premium properties: attractive, good feel, breathable and easy to clean. (Very robust: abrasion resistance = 150,000 )
  • Cover: PREMIUM leather: Fine PREMIUM leather, chrome-free tanning, natural vegetable dyes, high quality, stylish look, easy to clean and antistatic. (100 % Leather.)
  • Cover: CARE/Stamskin: Hi-tech cover for use in the cosmetics and medical sectors. CARE is sanitised for extra hygiene protection: anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic, anti-microbial, waterproof and fire-resistant.


The swopper is already strengthening the backs of numerous users - keeping their muscles fit while sitting. The vertical bounce given by the spring and the flexible sideways movement provided by the 3D motion element keep your intervertebral discs, ligaments and joints in good shape. The convex seat maintains the natural ‘S’ curve of the spine and prevents pressure points at seat edges. All this combined stimulates the blood circulation, encourages motion and is overall a healthier option

This is precisely what we are striving for. Since these special functions cannot be provided by conventional components, we develop the technology and all the components ourselves in-house.


The swoppster is designed specially for children of pre-school and primary school age, in other words for children from 4 years onward and not weighing more than 50kg | 110.2lbs. The only active 3D children‘s swivel stool in the world can be adjusted individually in many ways for height, spring hardness and sideways movement.

The swoppster comes in six fun colours, it is robust and easy to clean, and can be used with rollers (recommended for older children) or without (ideal for younger children). Here is an overview of some of the features; detailed information is available at or from your authorized aeris dealer.


The muvman was designed for use in all areas of work. Ideal sitting at a standard desk height is just as much an option as optimum standing/sitting at high working surfaces. The enormous height adjustment range of the muvman is unique. It provides the right sitting and standing conditions for people of all heights and physiques. This is a special advantage, because all sorts of people can use one and the same muvman.


oyo is new, daring and unique. It attracts attention and it is immediately obvious that this chair is a statement and an all-rounder which moves gracefully between retro and modern, and that it has what it takes to be a design classic: oyo - The Chair.

This new chair from aeris not only looks good, it is of course also highly functional, technologically advanced and ergonomic. The oyo is the world’s first combination of a saddle seat, shell chair and rocking chair. A completely new way of sitting which invites you to move more and assume all sorts of different sitting positions.


The 3Dee active office chair is the first of its kind and the result of absolute consistency in engineering just as in design. Its 3D motion – horizontal and vertical – is designed without compromise around the natural biomechanical model of the human being. It fulfils the vision of sustained change to our everyday office life. And the stunning attractive design will please particularly all those for whom the office is more than just a workplace but also a living space.