Select from an extensive range of professional-class conference tables at Availabe in a range of colours: maple, beech, grey, walnut. Variety of colours available. Select a ready-to-go conference table or design your own.
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Conference tables with standards

Nowadays, most offices are planned keeping ergonomics in mind. However, not only are office spaces of great significance, planning of appealing conference or meeting rooms is also almost equally important. Even these rooms should have comfortable and back-friendly chairs as well as an adequately large conference table. All this can be done with our modular furniture in just a few steps. Whether you wish a classical-style room with a large table or a state-of-the-art conference hall with extravagant seating arrangement, you can do what you please. Even the technical details are impressive: Intelligent cabling or even complete electrification, everything is possible. Needless to say, the number of persons can also be adjusted. From a small group with 6 people up to an XXL conference table for 30 people--it’s all possible. We are sure to have the right conference table for you.