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Our online shop offers an extensive range of mobile filing cabinets for every taste. Choose from over 60 models:
Modular Mobile Filing Cabinets- BARI Series
Modular Mobile Filing Cabinets- SIGNA AC Series
Modular Mobile Filing Cabinets- SIGNA TC Series
Modular Mobile Filing Cabinets- SIGNA SC Series
MOBIL Series
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Modular Mobile Filing Cabinets

Files often get piled up on your table, and even otherwise everything could be a bit more organised? You could set things right with a rolling file cabinet from our modular furniture range, which you can arrange exactly as you wish: Choose from the various sizes, would you prefer one or more drawers, or would a suspension file folder suit your purpose better? Fit your file cabinet with modern chrome handles or go for the classical bow-type handle. A truly wide range of variations are possible here.

Under-desk or desk-height cabinets?

Choose the suitable one from the various models. If you have less space, then opt for the under-desk cabinet, else a desk-height cabinet would also be suitable. Both cabinets can be divided into individual components and are available in many patterns and finishes. If e.g. one decides on a drawer solution, then one can also fit the individual drawers with different trays. If the roller wheels are no longer required, then these can be replaced with plinth legs thanks to the modular assembly principle.