SWOPPER HIGH - Swopper ferraro-red | Dark Grey Gliders | Standard
aeris - Impulsmöbel
Adjustable seat height
Professional office
SWOPPER HIGH - Swopper ferraro-red | Dark Grey Gliders | Standard
  • Active seat Swopper - for healthier sitting with 3 dimensional mobility
  • The 3D-mobility strengthens your back
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Active seat Swopper - for healthier sitting with more mobility!

How you sit, reflects how you feel. Traditional office chairs usually forced your body to adapt to the chair. The result: You get back pain and tension. The award-winning active seating Swopper puts an end to that. Thanks to its three-dimensional flexibility, it adapts to you – and not the other way around!

The three dimensional active seating allows variable seating positions keeping active while seated andt strengthens your back. You stay fit and feel good. Due to the specific form of the Swopper saddle, the pelvis is positioned forward, creating an open angle between the lower back and thighs. This relieves the spine and the spinal disks.

Six convincing advantages:

  • Always in the correct position.
    The Swopper promotes continuous movement. Your posture is automatically correctly adjusted. And because the Swopper follows your movements, your back stays straight, even when leaning toward your desk.
  • Good for the invertebral disc.
    Thanks to the Swopper’s 3 dimensional movements, unilateral pressures of the intervertebral discs are eliminated. Swopping keeps the discs well nourished, elastic and healthy.
  • Training the muscles.
    With the Swopper your whole body is in motion. This strengthens abdominal, back and leg muscles and prevents various back pains.
  • Proactive prevention for venous disorders.
    The Swopper seat is convex shaped. This prevents pressure points and congestion. The sitting in-motion promotes the active return of blood to the heart.
  • Ligaments and joints keep fit.
    By active dynamic sitting, even the joints remain in motion. This promotes the formation of synovial fluid, tightens the ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases.
  • Circulation and mood are boosted.
    When Swopping the upper body is straightened, the diaphragm is free, which increases your circulation. That is not only healthy, but fun.

Information / settings

  • Foot ring (Ø 55 cm): cast aluminium; with removable Combi glider: metal glider for textile floors (such as carpet or felt) and felt gliders for hard floors (such as stone, tile or parquet).
  • The Swopper has individual height, spring tension and lateral displacement adjustment.
  • Spring tension MEDIUM (standard): optimized for 60-120 kg (for children: swoppster - also available here)
  • The adjustment of the spring stiffness: How hard or soft you want to swing, can infinitely be set by turning the sleeve on the lower end of the spring. You should set the spring stiffness according to your needs.
  • The setting of the lateral flexibility: The wide sideways reach of the Swopper is decisive for activating your muscles. The softer the setting, the more the muscle is strengthened. We recommend a harder setting in the beginning and later then as soft as possible. To adjust, turn the Swopper; upside down, turning the Hand wheel with slight pressure in the direction of (+) for more mobility and towards (-) for less lateral deflection.
  • Setting up the Swopper: the opening of the base ring is facing the desk. This enables the seat to tilt softly forwards when working, and still retains a stable backwards position.

Assembly instructions

This item is supplied unassembled.
For assembly by the customer in just a few simple steps.
Of course, for gas springs, chair rollers, footrests, etc., no construction is required.

Manufacturer aeris - Impulsmöbel
Colour Red
Castors information including gliders for all floors
Seat height 56 - 76 cm
Capacity to 120 kg
Body height range 150 - 200 cm
Guarantee 3 years
Material Fabric
Daily use 8 hours
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