SWOPPER WORK CLASSIC - Swopper black | Dark grey castors | with backrest | microfiber
aeris - Impulsmöbel
Adjustable seat height
Professional office
SWOPPER WORK CLASSIC - Swopper black | Dark grey castors | with backrest | microfiber
  • Active seat Swopper - for healthier sitting with 3 dimensional mobility
  • Three dimensional mobility - variable seat positions
  • Cover: Microfibre
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Active seat Swopper - for healthier sitting with more mobility!

  • Foot ring with castors according to DIN EN 12529 (foot ring: Ø 55 cm, with castors 58 cm)
  • The Swopper has individual height, spring tension and lateral displacement adjustment.
  • Spring tension MEDIUM (standard): optimized for 60-120 kg (for children: swoppster - also available here)
  • The adjustment of the spring stiffness: How hard or soft you want to swing, can infinitely be set by turning the sleeve on the lower end of the spring. You should set the spring stiffness according to your needs.
  • The setting of the lateral flexibility: The wide sideways reach of the Swopper is decisive for activating your muscles. The softer the setting, the more the muscle is strengthened. We recommend a harder setting in the beginning and later then as soft as possible. To adjust, turn the Swopper; upside down, turning the Hand wheel with slight pressure in the direction of (+) for more mobility and towards (-) for less lateral deflection.
  • Setting up the Swopper: the opening of the base ring is facing the desk. This enables the seat to tilt softly forwards when working, and still retains a stable backwards position.

Assembly instructions

This item is supplied unassembled.
For assembly by the customer in just a few simple steps.
Of course, for gas springs, chair rollers, footrests, etc., no construction is required.

Castors information

The factory-supplied castors are only suitable for carpeted floors. For hard floors, such as parquet, laminate or tile floors, special hard floor castors are needed and are available from our accessory assortment. Please note that it is not possible to exchange the castors prior to shipment for logistical reasons (unless otherwise stated in the product description).

Manufacturer aeris - Impulsmöbel
Cover 80% Polyester, 20% Polyethane
Colour Black
Castors information including castors for hard floors and low pile carpets
Seat height 42 - 57 cm
Capacity to 120 kg
Guarantee 3 years
Material Fabric
Daily use 8 hours